Self First Woman!

A SelfFirst Woman understands the importance and embraces the beauty of who she is. Life shows up in many different ways and often wears multiple hats. A SelfFirst woman has been there for others yet recognizes it is OK to be there for HerSelf as well. I’m a SelfFirst Woman and this message is to empower the SelfFirst Woman in you.  Share this with other SelfFirst Women and encourage them to. (Don’t forget to subscribe)

Sending you Love & Light!

“This course is exactly what I needed to help me start appreciating myself and embrace who I am more.”

-Melinda W.

“I have done other self-worth courses, but this is the first one that I felt heart and compassion from the creator. This definitely made the process enjoyable.

-Yvette M.

“This course immediately resonated with me and sparked my desire to be better.”

-Katheryn L.

” Full of practical strategies and tips that you can actually start applying today.”

-Annabell K.

“This course is a must for anyone tired of struggling and believes there is more to life.”

-Roberta G.

“Doing the Self Work has been a game-changer for me”

-Juwanna H.

“So insightful and cause me to reexamine my thought process” I now grant myself grace to grow.

-Melody B.

” Mindset shift”! seeing self-care from a different perspective enables me the space to open up more. thank you Shawanna.

-Robin R.