Self First Power-Up eCourse

Are you ready to put yourself first in your life? Are you ready to create a climate in your atmosphere that allows you to be your most creative and POWERED UP? In this course, I walk you through the system that I have used to teach thousands of women how to put themselves first and truly put themselves first on their to-do list. Follow my steps to more peace, more power, and more time for you.  This eCourse was designed with you in mind. Make the commitment to you FIRST and with daily action your life will never be the same.

#POMPOM Power Over mindset Power Over Me.


In this course you will learn…

  • What it truly means to POWER UP
  • How to get rid of negative thinking


  • How to say NO
  • The Mindset Shift to putting yourself first
  • The power of gratitude


  • How to Forgive
  • BONUS: Access to our private Facebook group
  • Bonus: (1) 15 Minute Road-mapping Call

It is about YOU!

Start today “Move to ACTION for YOU first!

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