I believe that life should be lived. We GET to be here so let’s make it count. Live a life of intention and on purpose by designed. There is a divine plan for us all but, we need to understand just how valuable we are. ShawannaKsays is an extention of the Self First Movement Solutions. Created to help individuals be OK to put themselves back on th To-Do- list of their life. Learn to set healthy boundaries, learn to say NO when necessary and START saying yes to you. I am an advocate for self-care and mental well-being. It starts with you…”Once you know your worth, you know your Worth to the WORLD!”~Shawanna Kennedy
I have been, the voice for the voiceless and a voice of victory, a transformer of negative thinking, a defender of the defeated, an advocate for the dis – advantaged, a self first advocate and a coach with conviction too. I proven ability to motivate the masses and shift the mindset that will cause you to “Move to ACTION!” because #iCheer4you

It’s been said … I am a action packed transformationalist with a magnetic personality that enables me to be a powerful and perceptive individual with the know how to shift the mindsets of others.
Check out http://www.theselffirstmovement.com for more information…#POMPOM #itisaboutyou #iaffirm

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