Is Stress Killing You?

From minor challenges to major crises, stress is part of life. And while you can’t always control your circumstances, you can control how you respond to them.

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When stress becomes overwhelming, or it’s chronic, it can take a toll on your well-being. That’s why it’s important to have effective stress relief strategies that can calm your mind and your body. 

Get the STRESS Out of Here!

And if new stressors are challenging your ability to cope or if self-care measures just aren’t relieving your stress, you may need to look for reinforcements. Be OK to reach out to a licensed therapist or even counseling.  

No matter if it for you the individual or your team…Self First Movement Solutions has services designed to relieve stress and help navigate you back to your core value system.  You have the power to overcome and move beyond it all.

“It is about you”

  • Change your point of view
  • learning to say NO, when and where it is needed
  • live life more freely knowing that you are essential to this world
  • Put you back on the list even during a pandemic or crisis 
  • Remember you are a HERO but the first person that needs saving is you!

Don’t stress out! Together, we will unleash your inner power, uncover what’s holding you back, and show you what it means to love Self First! You matter that much!

Shawanna Kennedy
CEO, Self First Movement Solutions
Self Care and Mental Wellness Advocate
 “It is about You”
 Our primary service helps people get more done, creating a better-balanced work life. Producing training results that boost productivity, enhance well being, and mental health. This leads to Greater prosperity, efficiency, and longevity. 


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Shawannaksays believes that by focusing positive thinking and the power in it… it can cause change that will promote a greater sense of peace and inner strength that will aid in Empowering the lives of those who simply believe and take action.

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