Relationships during tough times Pt2

Hi Lovies, It’s your favorite farming yogi, Tei, The NeoUrbanist. Last week, I shared with you a part of the Book of Ruth. If you didn’t have an opportunity to read that post check it out here “Relationship during tough times pt1”.So you say Tei, why is this portion of the story so significant? Well, I’m glad you asked.Continue reading “Relationships during tough times Pt2”

Relationships during tough times

Hi Lovies, It’s your favorite farming yogi, Tei, The NeoUrbanist. Living through a global pandemic has been rough on all of us in so many ways. As the holidays approach I wanted to talk about relationships. A friend mentioned the struggle she faced with some of her relationships ending during this global pandemic. I sharedContinue reading “Relationships during tough times”

Meet “The Neourbanist”

Focus on the 3 G’s Grace, Gratitude, and Growth. Real growth will require patience, grace is necessary, and gratitude is needed to appreciate a harvest that may never come in the way we want to see it. #selffirst #SFMS

You are worth it! #selflove #selffirst #itisaboutyou

Listen up!  When you know your value, you will stop shortchanging the world of what you have to offer.  Our Creator formed you with special gifts, talents, and abilities for the purpose of making the world better.   You were created to be the solution to someone else’s problem.   If you spend your time denying this factContinue reading “You are worth it! #selflove #selffirst #itisaboutyou”

Bad days don’t Win, unless allowed by you!

you do still have a “CHOICE”..most of the time perception make all the difference in the world.

Empower you! WIN within…#selffirst

What’s up? Remember you have the POWER and Authority so, when is the last time you’ve used it? Put yourSELF back on the list I am here to Empower you to MOVE to ACTION!!! #takecharge #selffirst #winwithin #POMPOM #shawannakennedy #putyoubackonthelistr #empowerment #authority #wisedom #mindset #shift #wind #theselffirstmovement #iamshawannak #shawannaksays #iaffirm #foundation #impact #me #win #emergeContinue reading “Empower you! WIN within…#selffirst”

Mindset Tune-up Time #selffirst

How are you doing? Now that we are halfway through the year, I think we need to pause for the cause and hit the reset button. I want to make sure you’re keeping yourself on the to-do- list of your life and have not fallen back into old habits. So, I’m going to give youContinue reading “Mindset Tune-up Time #selffirst”