Meet “The Neourbanist”

Focus on the 3 G’s Grace, Gratitude, and Growth. Real growth will require patience, grace is necessary, and gratitude is needed to appreciate a harvest that may never come in the way we want to see it. #selffirst #SFMS

It’s TIME!

What time is it? What are you feeding your thoughts? #Nomoreholdingback No more comfort ZONE… See yourSELF as you choose to be, stay focused, stick to it, and keep walking in the direction of your goals and dreams. Discover the POWER that is already within you to win. It is about you and in orderContinue reading “It’s TIME!”

Get Out and LIVE!

Stop Procrastinating, set goals, get out and live… Know your POWER and start using it NOW Procrastination is the biggest thief of time. And since life is measured by time, it is in fact the biggest thief of life. Think about this story: a man kept on putting off buying shares from a particular localContinue reading “Get Out and LIVE!”