Five tips to live a more positive life!

Here are some tips to make it through the week even if you’re just sitting in your favorite couch. An idea takes time to form in your head and is always at work while you are busy sitting. Having a bit of positive thinking can help you realize things that are never thought possible. ThinkingContinue reading “Five tips to live a more positive life!”

Is Stress Killing You?

From minor challenges to major crises, stress is part of life. And while you can’t always control your circumstances, you can control how you respond to them. When stress becomes overwhelming, or it’s chronic, it can take a toll on your well-being. That’s why it’s important to have effective stress relief strategies that can calmContinue reading “Is Stress Killing You?”

You Deserve a Break! #selfcare #POMPOM

Self-care tips just for you: Remember it is about you. In order for YOU to better service others you must “Put You FIRST” You deserve a break! Make Self-care apart of Your Workday. Self-care is not merely just a weekend fun activity even though for most of us that’s how we prioritize it in ourContinue reading “You Deserve a Break! #selfcare #POMPOM”